Keynote Talks

Keynote 1
4 June 2012
Prof. Ariel Orda, Technion Department of Electrical Engineering, Israel

Talk Title: Quality of Service: Who is Being Served?
A prerequisite for providing "Quality of Service" is understanding who
provides the "service", who consumes it, and what makes the service be of "quality". Therefore, we need to establish formal tools for
understanding both the (network) service providers, the (human) service consumers, as well as their interrelation. We shall describe how game theory provides a framework for attempting to achieve such goals. The talk will also feature some historical anecdotes, tracing back to ancient times.

About Prof. Ariel Orda:
Ariel Orda is the Gross Professor of Communications at the Department of Electrical Engineering in the Technion. He received several research, teaching and service awards, most recently the 2009 Henry Taub Prize for Academic Excellence and the 2011 TCCC Outstanding Service Award. Since 2006 he is an IEEE Fellow "for contributions to the use of game theory for network quality of service and survivability". He has served as Program chair of IEEE Infocom'2002 and WiOpt'2010, Editor for the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and the Journal of Computer Networks, and Member of the IEEE ComSoc's Awards Committee. In 2008, he was awarded the Cor Wit Chair at Delft University of Technology.

Ariel Orda
Keynote 2
5 June 2012
Prof. Rui Aguiar, Institute of Telecommunications and University of Aveiro, Portugal

Talk Title: Quality of Service: rambling without end
The issue of Quality of Service has been discussed for many years. During these years, the "well-known issue" has been systematically revisiting strategies, in a cycle of permanent renewal - or permanent stagnation. The talk will discuss some of the direction(s) we have witnessed in these years, how disperse their aim has been, and what kind of impact we have witnessed as direct result of that work. We will discuss the quality of service we have today, where and how, and look to some of the past ideas under the eyes (maybe not too forgiving) that we have today.  During this process, some of the naive ideas of young researchers along these years, will be occasionally remembered.

About Prof. Rui Aguiar:
Rui Aguiar is Professor Associado com Agregação at the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics in the University of Aveiro. He is leading the research group ATNOG at the Instituto de  Telecomunicações, and has received (single and jointly) several research  awards. He has served as General and TPC Co-Chair of several events (ICT'2006, ISSC'2007, Monami'2011) and is currently acting as associate editor for Wiley's ETT (Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies). He has extensive experience in large telecommunication projects, having acted as Chief Architect for the EU-funded Daidalos project.
Rui Aguiar